Javascript Code Editor in Google Chrome

Javascript Code Editor in Google Chrome

While looking for a good Javascript course I came accross the JavaScript master class course by Colt Steele, very interesting and helpful for anyone who is a beginner or an experienced programmer.

While going through this course on Udemy i came across a useful tool to edit and run JavaScript code on any page in the Chrome Web Browser.

Your code snippets gets saved and you can use it anytime you need it. It also has some sort of intellisense to help you with coding.

This is a very useful tool to experiment JavaScript without the need to opening any other code editor and running the code.

1). Open the chrome developer tools and click on sources tab.

Chrome Developer Tools - Sources

2). Click on Snippets or click on >> and select Snippets from the options available.

Chrome Developer Tools - Snippets

3). Click on +New Snippet and write the javascripts code in the snippet window and press Cntrl + Enter (Winows) to run the code.

Chrome Developer Tools - Run Snippet

You can find the description and a step by step guide to explore the snippets tool from the link mentioned here- Snippets

In case you are interested in the masterclass course , you can find the details below :-

Author Details
Name : Colt Steele
GitHub :
LinkedIn :
Course Url:

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