How did I start Blogging ?

How did I start Blogging ?

Back in the year 2009 when I was in college I had already known people blogging about the topics they are interested in sharing with others.
I too wanted to get into blogging and write about a lot of things and ideas which ran through my mind before going to sleep. I used to spend lots of time thinking about something or the other and it used to happen regularly. Then I thought of creating an account on Blogger and start writing posts and share my thoughts with everyone.
I remember that I did write something back then but deleted them later on, thinking that I would not be able to present my thoughts the way we see in professional blogs.
Finally I deleted whatever posts I had written because of the fear of being mocked by my friends in college if someone knows about my blogging thing.
Then came the last year of my college and the urgency to land into a software job as soon as possible. I started my first job as a fresher in 2011 and then continued working on my projects and the schedule became so busy day by day that I never thought about blogging again.
The target was only to keep learning in whatever opportunity that comes in and perform good in project and get going .

Then in 2020 during the lockdown the work from home schedule saved lots of my travel time and I started learning lots of things online through YouTube and then I came across lot of blogs where I got the solution to the problems in which I used to get stuck while learning the front end frameworks like React, Angular and Vuejs.

This re-triggered the thought of blogging again because it actually helped me a lot during my learning journey. The problems in which I used to get stuck was not something very complex but very minor things which can be difficult for a beginner to figure out. I always had an impression in mind that the blog should be something different , something unique on which no one or very few people have written about it. But this is not how it is. There are millions of developers worldwide working and learning things online and they need good content howsoever simple or complex it is.
I started my blogging again with blogger and started sharing very simple stuffs explaining about JavaScript , SQL, Algorithm etc...
By this time I had realized that if I had continued my blogging since college I would have gained enough of expertise as a content writer and would have helped lots of people sharing my knowledge and research done from the internet . I came to know that consistency is the secret. It is not about doing big things or writing a unique article but being consistent in writing about simple stuffs is what is very important. We can't take our perfect shot at once but if we start with simple steps and be consistent we can gradually see ourself progressing and helping and learning along with the community. None of the topic is big or small , even a pro may not be knowing simple things and would need help with. Moving ahead with my blogging journey I came across a React Framework -Nextjs and wanted to create a website of my own with Nextjs. With the help of videos on YouTube and several blogs I finally build my basic website with Nextjs and Tailwind css. I migrated all my post on blogger to this new website and have been continuing writing over here.
I will share the details of my website building journey in another post. This is a very basic version of the website so far and if all goes well I would keep adding more functionalities to it.

After all this there are a few takeaways which I want to share with you all -

We all have a tendency to forget things so we should document the topic which we want to share with the community. No topic is easy or complex , it is all relative. Things which are easy for you to understand might be difficult for others. If you think your content would be helpful to people go ahead and present it because if you don't do it someone else will definitely do it. Do research on the topic you want to write the content on and explain it the way you yourself understood it. I have always had a habit of learning things or remembering things by writing. Writing posts is not just a means of sharing knowledge with others but it also becomes a point of future reference whenever needed rather than hunting for it elsewhere. Ask for feedback from people and try to retrospect and improve.

I am still a beginner and there is a long way to go. I hope the learning continues and I am able to grow with the online community together.